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Strategic Elements Ltd is a unique rare earths Company developing a portfolio of companies across the rare earths and rare metals mining and innovation sectors.
The Company has been awarded Pooled Development Fund (PDF) status, creating a strong point of difference as most shareholders pay no tax on capital gains or dividends. The Company pays a corporate tax rate of just 15% on PDF income. Only approximately 40 Australian companies have this special status.
Rare earths are receiving significant attention from forward thinking investors. Rare earths are a little known collection of 17 unusual (often irreplaceable) elements that are mined and developed into materials that enable high-tech products such as colour TVs, iPads or laptops to function. Many tech products simply cannot work without them. China has gained control of up to 97% of world supply and recently started restricting supply to other countries. Non-Chinese projects are suddenly in great demand to supply Japanese, USA and other technology industries. Prices of rare earths have surged, potentially a significant opportunity for the Company
Demand across the supply chain for high technology products in general is fuelling growth in the rare earths and rare metals industries.  The Company specifically targets emerging growth companies with large scale potential upside.  Initial investments are in the mining and innovation segments of the technology materials supply chain by investing into Strategic Materials Pty Ltd and Australian Advanced Materials Pty Ltd, currently both 100% owned by the Company.
Our primary strategy is to be an early investor into small and medium Australian companies and assist them with capital, technical expertise and alliances with industry players.  The Company provides investors with exposure to a portfolio of rare earths projects in their early growth stages through their single investment in the Company.

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New Rare Earths Float

23/05/2011 15:41:00

An insatiable demand for high technology goods such as mobile phones, flat screen plasma TVs and hybrid cars and an overreliance on China as a supplier has led to a new rare earths float. Strat…

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