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Company News / by Glenn Dyer - Yesterday

US earnings

22 Jul 2024 - America’s June 30 quarterly reporting season accelerates this week with 138 S&P 500 companies (including seven Dow 30 components) scheduled to release results.

Company News / by Glenn Dyer - Yesterday


22 Jul 2024 - A big week lies ahead for the markets, with US inflation, the global fallout from Friday's major computer outage, the Trump comeback, Biden’s fade-out, investor nervo…

Company News / by Glenn Dyer - Yesterday

The Great Trump Rotation

17 Jul 2024 - American analysts won’t say so, but some outside the US are—this week saw the start of what could end up being called the Great Trump Rotation as investors abandon st…

Company News / by Glenn Dyer - 4 days ago

Chinas property sector slump

17 Jul 2024 - Some analysis of the health of China’s depressed property sector in June attempted to suggest (almost desperately) that there was a hint of improvement in the data fr…