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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Online Live Streaming Event
15 mins presentations
Starts at 12.30 PM (Sydney, GMT+10:00)
Free for investors, brokers and fund managers

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Market Update 

Event Partner

Martin Crabb
(Chief Investment Officer), Shaw and Partners Limited

Covering the current state of equity markets, COVID-19 outlook and portfolio positioning (10 mins).

Presenting Companies 

12:40 PM - Wayne Hooper (CEO), LaserBond (ASX:LBL)

LaserBond is a specialist surface engineering company founded in 1992 that focuses on the development and application of materials, technologies and methodologies to increase operating performance and wear life of capital-intensive machinery components.

Within these industries, the wear of components can have a profound effect on the productivity and total cost of ownership of their capital equipment. As almost all components fail at the surface, due to material removal through abrasion, erosion, corrosion, cavitation, heat and impact, and any combinations of these wear mechanisms, tailored surface metallurgy will extend its life and enhance its performance.

12:55 PM - James Graham (MD & CEO), Recce Pharmaceuticals (ASX:RCE)

Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: RCE) are pioneering a new class of synthetic anti-infectives to address the urgent global health threat posed by superbugs and emerging viral pathogens.

Recce’s anti-infectives have been designed with a unique mechanism of action, with the goal of re-empowering physicians with an effective treatment that may be used repeatedly against a broad range of bacteria and viruses.

1:10 PM - Phil Nicholl (CEO), Paragon Care (ASX:PGC)

Paragon Care has become recognised as a leading provider of equipment, devices and consumables to the healthcare market. We also offer equipment repair, maintenance and total equipment management through Paragon Care Service & Technology. Our agility and experience enable you to provide the right solution to achieve the optimal outcome, today.

1:25 PM - Dr David Cade (Chief Business Officer), Telix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:TLX)

Telix Pharmaceuticals is a nuclear medicine company focused on molecularly targeted radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate, renal, and brain cancer. Nuclear medicine has historically suffered from a lack of commercial critical mass and commitment to late-stage product development.

Molecularly-targeted radiation (MTR) potentially offers better-informed treatment decisions and truly personalised therapy. Our product development strategy is to closely integrate and add value to standard care, reflective of the modern team-based approach to managing cancer.

1:40 PM - Philippe Odouard (Managing Director), XTEK (ASX:XTE)

XTEK‘s purpose protects the frontline protectors and providing high-quality front line combatant products and tailored solutions to government agencies, law enforcement, military, space and commercial sectors.

We focus on developing and commercialising its high-value proprietary technologies and solutions by leveraging its established distribution network in global markets. We are expanding into the US market accelerated via the acquisition of HighCom in 2019.

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