Phylogica is a life sciences platform technology company focussing on delivering biologic drugs intracellularly with our proprietary library and cell penetrating peptides.

Phylogica Limited (ASX: PYC) is a biotech company focused on commercialising its intracellular drug delivery platform and panning its Phylomer libraries to identify drug cargoes for development against a wide range of disease targets. Phylogica controls access to the world's most structurally diverse source of peptides called Phylomers, which have the ability to act as effective drug delivery agents and drug cargoes, penetrating cell walls to reach previously ‘undruggable’ targets across a range of disease types. Phylogica’s platform of proprietary cell penetration peptides is showing promise in delivering a diverse range of drug cargoes into cells, and the company’s lead asset program has identified a phylomer which can inhibit Myc, a protein responsible for the regulation of cancer cell growth. The company has collaborations with several pharmaceutical companies including Roche, Medimmune, Pfizer, Janssen and Genetech.

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