Lithium Consolidated Minerals Exploration

A core focus on lithium brine production
LCME has large land positions in Nevada (within 4km of Albemarle's Silver Peak Mine, which is the only producing lithium brine mine in North America). Lithium brine is the lowest cost and most direct method for producing high-value lithium carbonate with Nevada 1 of only 3 regions in the world with existing lithium production. The others are the "Lithium triangle" in South America (ie. Chile and Argentina) and China. Nevada offers the clearest pathway for new, high-value lithium brine production capacity.

The LCME assets have been secured by a geoscientific technical team with a proven track-record of discovering globally significant mining assets (eg. Olympic Dam, Cannington). The LCME Management team is led by Shanthar Pathmanathan, Damien Reynolds, Gordon Addie and Duncan Cornish. LCME’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board members have strong credentials and networks which could facilitate unique access and profile for the Company in the global lithium industry and from a capital markets perspective.   

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01/05/2019 14:30:00

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Lithium Consolidated, Appendix 5B

01/05/2019 14:30:00

Mining exploration entity and oil and gas exploration entity quarterly report Quarter ended: 31 March 2019 To view Report please download PDF attached:

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