Orthocell on patents and industry leadership


by John Treadgold

Transcription of Finance News Network with Orthocell Limited (ASX:OCC) Managing Director, Paul Anderson

John Treadgold: Orthocell Limited (ASX:OCC) is a regenerative medicine company that provides new approaches to the regeneration of tendon, cartilage and soft tissue injuries. I’m John Treadgold and joining me today at the ASX Investor Series in Sydney is the Company’s Managing Director, Paul Anderson. Paul welcome.

Paul Anderson: Thanks for having me John.

John Treadgold: In August you released results from a clinical study into lead product, Ortho-ATI’s effectiveness as a treatment for tennis elbow. Can you explain the significance of these results?

Paul Anderson: These results have been quite significant for us in that they’ve now released our 4.5 year data, which is the longest data set for a self-therapy of this type.

John Treadgold: What has the reception been in the market for Ortho-ATI, as a treatment for damaged tendons and ligaments?

Paul Anderson: This treatment has resonated very, very well with both clinicians and the public. This has been a very difficult clinical problem and has affected patients in a broad way, for a long time.

John Treadgold: Orthocell also has the collagen based device, Cell-gro. Can you tell us a little about that?

Paul Anderson: Cell-gro is a unique collagen based medical device which can provide solutions in general surgery, orthopaedics and other surgical specialties for the repair and regeneration of damaged soft tissue, within the body.

John Treadgold: What are Orthocell’s priorities for the short term, and what are the next milestones that investors can look forward to?

Paul Anderson: Orthocell’s priorities following its ASX listing is to drive our technologies into the international markets, and to drive it further into the Australian marketplace. Investors can look forward to the registration on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, of our collagen based medical device. And the introduction of our technologies both into the Japanese, the European and hopefully into the US market, in the near future.

John Treadgold: Finally Paul, what’s the long term goal for Orthocell?

Paul Anderson: Orthocell is looking to dominate the regenerative medicine space in soft tissue reconstruction. Our collagen based medical device is a unique innovative product, complemented with our tendon stem cell approach, gives us the ability to march into these international markets.

John Treadgold: Paul, thank you for the update from Orthocell.

Paul Anderson: My pleasure.


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