Telezon at forefront of medical device technology


Transcription of Finance News Network Interview with Telezon Limited (SIM:TLZ) Chairman, Trevor Nye

Donna Sawyer: Hello I’m Donna Sawyer from the Finance News Network and joining me from medical technology development company, Telezon (SIM:TLZ) is Chairman, Trevor Nye. Tevor welcome to FNN.

Trevor Nye: Thank you Donna, it’s fantastic it’s a great opportunity here today to come and have a chat to you about our Company.

Donna Sawyer: Let’s start with an introduction to your Company. What is your core business?

Trevor Nye: Look we’re a medical technology company that’s based here in Victoria. But we’ve specialised and developed a unique technology to produce cannula or needles, for the world or the global market. So that’s our strength, is our ability as a group to develop new technology to take out to the global market.

Donna Sawyer: Tell me about the technology you’ve developed. How has the landscape changed in this particular field?

Trevor Nye: Look for the last 100 years, the method of manufacturing needles has been static, it’s an old technology. What we’ve done is replace steel with polymer or plastic. And we’ve developed the technology, which we call CoreIT Advanced Moulding Technology, to replace steel with polymer or plastic. So in other words, we’re going on to the next I suppose, not only generation, probably the next literally millennium of technology in this area.

Donna Sawyer: So what’s unique about your technology?

Trevor Nye: First of all, it is like I said a one shot process using polymer or plastics. It’s not 20 odd processes; it’s a simple - that is we can produce a needle of a variable length out of one mould, so we don’t have to change moulds. We use a computer control process, it’s a very modular base, it produces a product that meets the world requirement. We can customise the length and various other aspects to meet a customer’s requirement, anywhere in the world with a relatively small manufacturing footprint.

Donna Sawyer: How are you taking your products to market and what is the level of adoption?

Trevor Nye: It’s been fantastic our acceptance around the world. Initially we looked at producing the needle here in Australia, or as we do now, contract - subcontract manufacture. And we realised very recently I suppose, that our future is more in the licencing or embracing the licencing, and taking our technology out around the world. Not only within the medical, but the non-medical field to meet the needs, not only the global market, but some very unique customers out there that have suddenly realised, that our technology can provide the solution to so many of their problems.

Donna Sawyer: Do you have any competition here in Australia, or elsewhere in the world?

Trevor Nye: The simple answer, no. We do own the proprietary rights for our intellectual property of the technology and a range in our patent family. We have actually three forms of producing cannula. Our original we call our grandfather patent, our CoreIT and then of course, we have a newer version coming online. We’re a little bit like Apple who’s got Apple series 1-2-3 etc. So we’re already looking for 20, 30, 50 years in advance.

Now the only competition as such, we probably call them bottle stoppers. They’re very small, they’re chunky, use a lot of plastic or polymers and they’re no more than 10 to 15ml at the max. But we have the ability, where our current product’s around that 30ml and even up to according to our, basically the research we’ve done, up to 50 plus ml long. So in other words, it looks like a needle, it feels like a needle, it’s used like a needle. It doesn’t look like a bottle stop you’re going to take to drain the milk out of a carton.

Donna Sawyer: Is Telezon looking to become a global brand, it seems you’ve attracted interest from overseas players?

Trevor Nye: Yes look we are. But probably when I think of a global brand, I think of that name Telezon, which is going out there within the products we produce. And then of course, we’re working with some joint venture arrangements with a number of major players. But also I feel that we’re going to be branded - a bit like IBM where you have the IBM computer base system, we’re going to have the Telezon method of manufacturing cannula. So I think we’re going to be a brand name at two levels. One as a product, and one as the method of technology to go out there and produce our cannula and needles, for the world market.

Donna Sawyer: You made a recent announcement about your flagship SoloFlow Non-Injection Needle. What can you tell me about that?

Trevor Nye: Well quite easily we’ve just been given the TGA certification. So if we look at our TGA, of course which is the Australian market, we have the CE certification which is the European market and with the FDA which of course, is the American. So therefore, with those three key certifications, we now have a true global product in our SoloFlow. And of course, we’re working towards the same with our Blunt SoloFlow and in time, what we call our Duo Draw and our PolyDermic. So at this stage, we do have certification with the last announcement of the TGA for the entire world market. We can go out there and literally take on the big boys from a small little company, listed company, in Australia.

Donna Sawyer: So how can potential investors register their interest in Telezon?

Trevor Nye: Well first of all they can log onto our website And on our front page, we do have an area where you can just logon or tap to get onto our regular updates about our company. We also have a Facebook, Telezon on Facebook, as well as our exchange SIM VSE, you can go on through that. And they’ve just introduced through open markets, an online trading facility. So they’re the three ways. You can go through SIM VSE and online, you can go through our Facebook or go through our website at

Donna Sawyer: Finally Trevor, what milestones are you hoping Telezon will achieve in the next 12 months?

Trevor Nye: The next 12 months is pivotal to our future of the Company. The first thing is we secure finance to take all our product range to the next level. And that is, we’re going out to the marketplace, which we have. And that will secure our three products, which is not only our SoloFlow, the Blunt SoloFlow which are really one product with a different tick. Our Duo Draw, a drug delivery system and then our PolyDermic, which is the hypodermic plastic needle. That’s our first thing.

Through this we can then concentrate more on our licencing, to meet the needs of the international client base that we’re building up. And then of course, it will then have to be backed with a few more sales around the world with our key, at this stage, joint venture partners we’re working with The Serum Institute of India, HMD out of India.

Donna Sawyer: Trevor Nye thanks for the introduction to Telezon.

Trevor Nye: Thank you very much Donna.


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