BrainChip Holdings (ASX:BRN) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, September 2017, Sydney

Company Presentations

Key points

BrainChip develops accelerated artificial intelligence and machine learning software and hardware. We have commercialized spiking neural networks, a type of neuromorphic computing which simulates the functionality of the human brain.

Brainchip – Investment Highlights

• Public Market Investors – Opportunity to Invest in a Pure-Play AI Company
• Large Market $4.8B in 2022 * – Competitive Landscape Remains Fluid
• Proven Technology – Existing Customer Base Provides Validation of Technology
• Revenue Growth – Existing and New Customers
• High Margin Revenue Model – License, Maintenance and Royalty
• Highly Experienced Management Team – All Seasoned Silicon Valley Executives
• Significant Intellectual Property – Fundamental Patent Cited 35 times