Global Geoscience (ASX:GSC): Presentation, CEO Sessions, Sydney

Company Presentations

by Carolyn Herbert

Global Geoscience’s primary asset is the Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project located in the state of Nevada in the USA. The strategic asset, that we see this Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron deposit as, it’s a hard rock sedimentary lithium-boron deposit, which is probably quite unusual in terms of other lithium projects that you might have looked at. It’s certainty different from the spodumene type of hard rock deposits, and also has its differences to the more typical brine deposits that produce the bulk of the world’s lithium.

It’s located in Nevada, which is a very favourable mining jurisdiction, with a very long history of mining, and is one of the major gold producing parts of the world.

The project is advanced. It has an indicated inferred resource of just over 3.4 million tonnes of lithium-carbonate and 11.3 million tonnes of boric acid, which makes it one of the largest lithium and boron deposits in North America. It’s large, it’s shallow and it’s flat lying and that makes for very easy and low cost mining.

The lithium and boron importantly are leachable with acid, dilute sulphuric acid. And that’s really what makes this project very special and unique. Because the leachability means it has potentially a very low cost source. Unlike spodumene deposits, this kind of deposit can produce lithium-carbonate or lithium-hydroxide and boric acid at the site. So, it does not require shipping to other remote locations for conversion into the saleable end products.