Kore Potash (ASX:K2P) Presentation, CEO Sessions Sydney

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Kore Potash has deposits in the Republic of Congo. Why do I believe it’s unique? Well first of all it has incredibly large deposits, where we’ve got nearly 1.6 billion tonnes of resource. Its location is unique, in respect that its close to the coast. It’s only 35 kilometres to the coast, and for those of you that know about Potash, which is a form of fertiliser, will know that most are over 1,000 kilometres from the coast.

The deposit is shallow; only 300 metres down. Most Potash mines are over a kilometre down. It’s of a very high grade, one of the highest grades in the world at over 30% KCL. The project is well funded. We raised US$45 million last year, which is the forth largest fund raise for any junior in the world.

I put together a strong management team over the last year, including an engineering team with over 25 years experience per head. I have a great board, led by Chairman David Hathorn, who is regarded as one of the best businessmen who has come out of South Africa. We have fantastic engineering team, but just as importantly we are working with the right construction company and have the right partners.