OneVue Holdings (ASX:OVH) Presentation, CEO Sessions Sydney

Company Presentations

OneVue Ltd (OVH) holdings is basically a fintech company that partners to disrupt the superannuation value chain. The key words there is ‘partners’. Very few people have heard of OneVue. That’s because we are a silent partner behind a lot of the major brands that you would probably be very familiar with.

We just signed a five year contract with National Australia Bank (ASX:NAB). They’ve been a very good partner of ours. We will be invisible in the background. They have made us stronger in terms of things like data security, infrastructure.
BNP Paribas, State Street, PIMCO, Mercer are also fantastic clients of ours. But we are below the radar. And we like it that way.

We are also part of the superannuation value chain. Superannuation has underlying growth which is important to leverage.

We’d love to increase our market share. In fact, our revenue growth to date is 77%, at a compound annual growth rate, far outstripping the growth in a already heavily growth area, such as superannuation.

Some of our major shareholders are Perpetual, Colonial First State and Thorney Opportunity etc. We have a blend of institutions and we have a deep retail base as well.

We all like to look for increasing reoccurring revenue when we invest. Our reoccurring revenue is 92%.