Fiducian Group (ASX:FID): Presentation, CEO Sessions Sydney

Company Presentations

by Carolyn Herbert

You should consider Fiducian as a combination of five different businesses. It’s just not one company. Importantly our objective and our interest is to be old fashioned, which is to produce a profit and give investors a good dividend, that’s going to keep growing every year.

First, we are a fund manager. We have about $1.76 billion in funds under management. I’ll speak about that as we go along. We are also a platform administrator, we have a superannuation platform, and we have a non-super investor directed portfolio service, and also managed discretionary accounts.

We have about $1.45 billion under administration. We are also a financial planner and we have a number of offices around Australia. We almost have $2 billion under advice. You may also call us a Fintech participant. We believe we are a software developer. We develop our own financial planning software and we also develop our own software for the administration of our platforms. In that respect we are also reasonably unique.

We have finally, an accountants business. We have accountants who deliver tax returns, give business advice, and we also have an accountancy resourcing business, where we get work done overseas for accountants in Australia.  

Carolyn Herbert

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Carolyn joined FNN in August 2015 as the Head of News and also presented the Market at Midday and the Market Wrap. With more than five years of broadcast journalism experience, Carolyn has worked as a finance anchor on the Sky News Business channel and as an anchor and reporter for ABC News. She is also a qualified corporate lawyer specialising in IPOs, takeovers and mergers and acquisitions.