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DGR Global Ltd, Lodgment of Replacement Prospectus Confirmation - Armour Energy Limited

Further to its recent market updates, the Board of Directors of DGR Global Limited (ASX:DGR) is pleased to report that the Replacement Prospectus (Prospectus) for the initial public offering of shares in 50% DGR-owned shale oil and gas subsidiary Armour Energy Limited was lodged with ASIC on Tuesday 20th March (Armour Energy Offer).

The Prospectus sets out details for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of $75 million, via the offer of 150 million new shares at a price of $0.50 each. Each new share subscribed under the Armour Energy Offer will come with a 1:4 free attaching new option in Armour Energy (exercisable at $0.50 each through to 31 August 2014). Application for the quotation of these new options will also be made by Armour Energy as part of its ASX listing application.

As outlined in DGR’s market release of 2 March 2012, DGR shareholders that were registered as a holder of DGR Global shares on the record date of 9 March 2012 (and are resident in Australia, New Zealand or other foreign jurisdiction in which it is lawful for the Offer to be made) will be eligible to participate in a special Priority Offer. Eligible shareholders should note that the final allocation of shares across the Armour Energy issue is subject to the discretion of the Directors, who will be working in conjunction with the lead managers for the Armour Energy IPO. Applicants for shares will need to complete the application form that accompanies the prospectus. Applicants should consider the prospectus carefully before deciding whether to apply for shares.

For further information please download PDF below:

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