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AusCann Announces Successful Pilot Study of Final Dose Cannabinoid Capsules


• AusCann has completed a successful pilot study of an optimal final dose form for its proprietary cannabinoid medicines

• New dose form solves the problem of stability of medical cannabis products currently on market

• The study was carried out over the past ten months to be ready for the release of AusCann’s first cannabinoid medicines in first half of 2019

• This oral delivery dose form has been developed in the form of a unique solid capsule and a patent has been lodged by AusCann

• AusCann has utilised its team of Australian pharmaceutical experts for the formulation and design process

• AusCann is well-funded and is targeting the production of its first cannabinoid pharmaceuticals in 2019

16 August 2018 – Pharmaceutical company AusCann Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AC8) (AusCann or ‘the Company’) has completed a successful pilot study of its final dose form for its cannabinoid medicines.

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