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LBT Innovations (ASX:LBT) are leaders in advanced machine vision technologies for microbiology laboratories. Our mission is to disrupt microbiology, with intelligent automation solutions, that improve workflow practices for all laboratories.

We have developed a patent protected artificial intelligence platform and launched products that improve diagnostic workflows for busy laboratories. Our core capabilities include artificial intelligence, image analysis, software engineering and applying these to solve laboratories’ unmet need.

Our first technology was an automated culture plate streaking system called MicroStreak. It was brought to market as the PREVI® Isola and initiated a new era in automation for clinical microbiology laboratories.

Following its success, we have developed and commercialised the APAS® Independence for automated imaging and analysis of culture plates. The technology is the only US FDA-cleared artificial intelligence technology for automated culture plate reading.

The APAS Independence, is currently being sold in the US, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Australia. Channel partners for the sale and distribution of the APAS® Independence have been appointed for the United States (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc; Exclusive Distributor) and selected countries in Europe (Beckman Coulter, Inc; Marketing Agent).

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