Stocks of the Hour: BWP Trust, GUD & ALE Property

Company News

by Lauren Evans

BWP Trust (ASX:BWP) posted a total income of $152.2 million in FY21, down 2.3 per cent from the prior year. Rental and other property income was $3.4 million lower than the previous year, largely due to the $2.7 million of forfeited deposits received in 2020. Shares in BWP Trust (ASX:BWP) are trading 1.2 per cent lower at $4.05.

GUD Holdings (ASX:GUD) reached total revenue of $557 million in FY21, a 27.2 per cent increase from the prior year. The company also recorded a strong year for automotive sales, up 34.1 per cent. Shares in GUD Holdings (ASX:GUD) are trading 3.6 per cent lower at $11.66.

ALE Property (ASX:LEP) recorded a profit of $179.2 million in FY21. This represents a 794 per cent increase on FY20, largely due to net property valuation gains of $141.3 million. Shares in ALE Property Group (ASX:LEP) are trading 0.2 per cent higher at $4.73. 

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