Genex Power (ASX:GNX) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, August 2018, Sydney

Company Presentations

Genex Power Limited (ASX:GNX) Executive Director, Simon Kidston presents details on the company's renewable energy hub in FNQ that delivers power to the National Energy Market and also gives details of its larger Stage 2 combined pumped hydro-solar project at FNN's Investor Event.

Key points:

  • Most advanced energy storage and renewable projects in Australia
  • Dispatchable renewable energy on demand 24/7
  • Strong and stable cash flows from 50MW Kidston Solar Project
  • 20-year Revenue Support Deed with Queensland Government
  • Globally unique integration of solar, wind and hydro
  • Commonwealth & State Government focus on energy storage and renewable energy

For more, watch the Executive Director, Simon Kidston, present.  

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