Stocks of the Hour: Enova Mining, Marmota, K2fly

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21/06/2024 11:15:00

21 Jun 2024 - A snapshot of the stocks on the move, featuring Enova Mining (ASX:ENV), Marmota (ASX:MEU) and K2fly (ASX:K2F).

Mosaic Brands facing losses

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21/06/2024 09:14:00

21 Jun 2024 - Women’s fashionwear chain owner, Mosaic Brands (ASX:MOZ), has joined the emerging list of retailers (including KMD and City Chic) confessing to weak trading and possible or actual losses ahead of the end of their 2023-24 financial years.

KMD Brands struggling

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21/06/2024 08:50:00

21 Jun 2024 - Outdoor clothing chain KMD Brands (formerly Kathmandu) has battened down the hatches with the end of the financial year in sight, as a sales recovery stalls and earnings slide.

Trump Media shares plummet amid high turnover

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21/06/2024 07:55:00

21 Jun 2024 - The sell-off in Trump Media accelerated Thursday, with shares losing 15% in a day of high turnover.

Central banks update

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21/06/2024 07:52:00

21 Jun 2024 - There were two not unexpected results from meetings of two major central banks on Thursday—the Bank of England and the Swiss National Bank.

Potential gas shortages on East Coast

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20/06/2024 15:58:00

20 Jun 2024 - As temperatures plummet on the East Coast, a dual threat looms: a shortfall in gas supplies exacerbated by a lack of renewable power generation. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has issued a stark "threat notice," cautioning that current conditions could lead to peak day shortfalls in gas supply across NSW, Victoria, the ACT, South Australia, and Tasmania, persisting possibly until the end of September.

City Chic Collective faces 30% sales slump

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20/06/2024 15:19:00

20 Jun 2024 - City Chic Collective (ASX:CCX) has confirmed a massive 30% slump in sales for the year ending June 30. This news strongly suggests why the struggling fashionwear retailer is attempting to raise new capital and selling off its US online Avenue business at a loss.

New Zealand economy avoids recession

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20/06/2024 13:53:00

20 Jun 2024 - The New Zealand economy narrowly escaped recession in the three months to March 31, but like Australia, activity remains very weak as it continues to be affected by high interest rates.

Stocks of the Hour: DroneShield, Terra Metals, Control Bionics

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20/06/2024 11:15:00

20 Jun 2024 - A snapshot of the stocks on the move, featuring DroneShield (ASX:DRO), Terra Metals (ASX:TM1) and Control Bionics (ASX:CBL).

MinRes to close Yilgarn iron ore hub

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20/06/2024 07:50:00

20 Jun 2024 - Approximately 1,000 miners are facing an uncertain future as Mineral Resources (ASX:MIN) closes its Yilgarn iron ore mining hub in the WA Goldfields region and expands deeper into longer-life mines in the Ashburton and West Pilbara regions of the state.

Bank of England faces interest rate dilemma ahead of election

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20/06/2024 07:28:00

20 Jun 2024 - What’s a central bank to do? Inflation is back on target after being above it for nearly three years, the economy is meandering, but there’s a looming election that could very well see the sitting government driven from office. So, when do you cut your key interest rate?

BHP's copper ambitions

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20/06/2024 07:27:00

20 Jun 2024 - If BHP (ASX:BHP) had managed to win control of Anglo American and its 700,000 or so tonnes of annual copper production, would the company’s head of copper in South Australia, Anna Wiley, have stepped up this week and laid down a very upbeat outlook for the company’s position in the red metal?

Global investors bullish on stock markets

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19/06/2024 14:26:00

19 Jun 2024 - According to the June survey of big global investment managers by Bank of America, it's a bull market, and it's going to run and run.

Coalition proposes seven nuclear power plants by 2037

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19/06/2024 14:11:00

19 Jun 2024 - The Coalition has unveiled an ambitious plan to construct seven nuclear power plants across Australia, aiming to have them operational between 2035 and 2037 if they win the next federal election.

Central banks continue gold purchases

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19/06/2024 13:55:00

19 Jun 2024 - Something to gladden the hearts of gold bugs: the major players in the market for the past two years—central banks—are not going to abandon the metal anytime soon, even if the People’s Bank of China made headlines by stopping purchases in May when prices soared to all-time highs.

Stocks of the Hour: HeraMED, Chariot Corporation, QX Resources

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19/06/2024 11:20:00

19 Jun 2024 - A snapshot of the stocks on the move, featuring HeraMED (ASX:HMD), Chariot Corporation (ASX:CC9) and QX Resources (ASX:QXR).

QBE plans strategic exit from North America's middle insurance market

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19/06/2024 09:14:00

19 Jun 2024 - QBE (ASX:QBE) says it will be able to manage its decision to exit the so-called middle insurance market in North America, a move that could cost it around half a billion dollars a year in gross written premiums.

High interest rates impact consumer spending

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19/06/2024 08:01:00

19 Jun 2024 - Like in Australia, high interest rates are slowly strangling consumer spending, with May’s retail sales being the latest example.

Nvidia surpasses Microsoft and Apple to become the world's most valuable company

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19/06/2024 07:54:00

19 Jun 2024 - For the first time ever, Nvidia on Tuesday leapfrogged Microsoft and Apple to become the most valuable company in the world.

Investor confidence plummets in French stock market amid political uncertainty

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19/06/2024 07:19:00

19 Jun 2024 - The French stock market is in decline as far as big investors are concerned, according to the latest global fund managers survey from the Bank of America, due to the snap poll called by President Macron on June 10.

City Chic faces dilutive capital raising

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18/06/2024 16:41:00

18 Jun 2024 - Specialty women’s wear retailer City Chic (ASX:CCX) is expected to make a highly dilutive capital raising that existing shareholders might balk at.

Anticipation mounts over coalition's expected nuclear power strategy announcement

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18/06/2024 16:27:00

18 Jun 2024 - Amid rising speculation, the Coalition is rumored to be on the brink of unveiling its nuclear power strategy, following the abrupt scheduling of a shadow cabinet meeting for Tuesday night.

RBA maintains interest rates at 12-year high amid economic uncertainty

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18/06/2024 15:12:00

18 Jun 2024 - No change in interest rates from the Reserve Bank, and none are expected for a while after the latest two-day monetary policy meeting of the central bank.

RBA announces comprehensive review of retail payments regulation

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18/06/2024 15:11:00

18 Jun 2024 - The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has announced a “holistic review” of the country’s retail payments regulation, aiming to increase transparency in fees and promote competition for services, according to Ellis Connolly, the RBA’s head of payments policy.

Stocks of the Hour: Tinybeans, Patagonia Lithium, Elementos

Company News
18/06/2024 11:30:00

18 Jun 2024 - A snapshot of the stocks on the move, featuring Tinybeans (ASX:TNY), Patagonia Lithium (ASX:PL3) and Elementos (ASX:ELT).