Investing in childcare

19/06/2024 19:17:00

19 Jun 2024 - Patrick Bell, CEO and Director of Finexia Financial Group (ASX:FNX) speaks to Garry Crole, CEO and Managing Director of Sequoia Financial Group (ASX:SEQ). Topics discussed include the company's Childcare Income Fund and its lending business.

Buying and selling financial practices

19/06/2024 18:29:00

19 Jun 2024 - Steve Prendeville, Founder and Director of Forte Asset Solutions, speaks to Garry Crole, CEO and Managing Director of Sequoia Financial Group (ASX:SEQ). The discussion touches on the market for financial practices, what advisors can do to prepare their business for sale and what to look out for when acquiring a business, among many other topics.

Elementos' (ASX:ELT) unexpected high-grade mineral find in Tasmania

19/06/2024 09:30:00

19 Jun 2024 - Joe David, Managing Director of Elementos discusses the company's recent exciting discovery of high-grade copper and gold at the Cleveland Tin Project in Tasmania. Joe provides insights into the implications of this find, the project's background, and future exploration plans.

Elementos (ASX:ELT) to acquire interest in Spanish tin smelter

14/06/2024 09:48:00

14 Jun 2024 - Elementos Limited (ASX:ELT) Managing Director Joe David discusses a recent agreement to acquire up to a 50% interest in an operating Spanish tin smelter.

Pioneering low-emission hydrogen and graphite production with Hazer Group

06/06/2024 14:46:00

06 Jun 2024 - Hazer Group Limited (ASX:HZR) CEO Glenn Corrie discusses the company's low-emission hydrogen and graphite technology and a new partnership with POSCO.

New lithium and gold opportunities with Torque Metals' Cristian Moreno

03/06/2024 13:40:00

03 Jun 2024 - Cristian Moreno, CEO of Torque Metals (ASX:TOR), discusses the New Dawn Lithium project, the Paris Gold Project and Torque's strategies and future plans.

Playground Global's Peter Barrett on Australia's High-Tech Future

27/05/2024 11:15:00

27 May 2024 - Peter Barrett discusses how Australia can lead in quantum computing and AI by leveraging local talent, resources, and capital to build transformative companies and retain innovation.

Insights from Jonathan Belz on Alternative Asset Investment and Technological Innovation

27/05/2024 11:15:00

27 May 2024 - Jonathan Belz, founder of BFA Global connects Australian and Asian family offices with top global investment opportunities in venture capital, private equity, and technology. He shares insights into the future of alternative assets and investment strategies.

Why capture carbon?

17/05/2024 08:35:00

17 May 2024 - Dotz Nano Limited (ASX:DTZ) Director Glenn Kelly discusses the carbon capture market and the different technologies available.

Approvals and DFS to resume at Elementos' Oropesa Tin Project

17/05/2024 03:33:00

17 May 2024 - Elementos Limited (ASX:ELT) Managing Director Joe David discusses the recommencement of DFS and licensing activities following discussions with the Andalusian government.

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) CEO Glenn Corrie on prospects for innovating hydrogen

16/05/2024 13:20:00

16 May 2024 - Glenn Corrie, CEO of Hazer Group (ASX:HZR), speaks about the company's low-emission hydrogen and graphite production technology, recent achievements and plans for commercialisation and global expansion.

Lithium Universe's CEO Alex Hanly on North America's Lithium revolution

13/05/2024 10:30:00

13 May 2024 - Lithium Universe's CEO Alex Hanly unveils the company's strides in 2024 towards North American lithium independence.

Empire Energy Group's path to Beetaloo production and beyond

10/05/2024 12:30:00

10 May 2024 - Empire Energy Group's journey toward Beetaloo Basin production and its strategic moves, including asset sales and capital raises, shaping Australia's gas sector landscape.

Tapping into tin: Elementos' mining ventures with CEO Joe David

10/05/2024 10:45:00

10 May 2024 - Exploring tin's revival: Elementos Limited (ASX:ELT) CEO & MD Joe David discusses market trends and project developments.

Uranium market dynamics: Insights from Cauldron Energy's CEO Jonathan Fisher

03/05/2024 09:20:00

03 May 2024 - US ban on Russian uranium imports could reshape the global market. Cauldron Energy's CEO Jonathan Fisher shares insights and implications for supply and prices.

Far Northern Resources' golden potential

23/04/2024 15:35:00

23 Apr 2024 - Far Northern Resources Limited (ASX:FNR) Chairman Rod Corps provides an update on the company's gold exploration.

Market update with Shaw and Partners, April 2024

19/04/2024 16:30:00

19 Apr 2024 - Shaw and Partners Chief Investment Office Martin Crabb discusses strategies for investing in the current volatile market conditions.

Anax Metals: Pioneering innovation and growth in the Australian mining sector

18/04/2024 13:10:00

18 Apr 2024 - Anax Metals (ASX:ANX) CEO Geoff Laing discusses the company's innovative approach to mining as its pioneers bioleaching tech for sustainable resource extraction.

Far Northern Resources (ASX:FNR) to list on ASX

18/04/2024 07:28:00

12 Apr 2024 - A pre-IPO interview with Cameron Woodrow, the Executive Director and CEO of Far Northern Resources Limited (ASX:FNR). Mr Woodrow discusses development of the company's three gold and base metals projects in the Northern Territory and north Queensland.

Revolutionizing recruitment: The AI-powered future with Hiremii CEO Andrew Hornby

15/04/2024 11:30:00

15 Apr 2024 - Discover how Hiremii, led by CEO Andrew Hornby, is reshaping recruitment with AI technology. Explore their innovative approach to revolutionize hiring processes.

BIFOX's path to IPO with CEO Tim Koster

03/04/2024 10:20:00

03 Apr 2024 - BIFOX's journey from integrated mining to specialty fertilizer production and its plans for IPO as CEO Tim Koster shares insights on strategy and market growth.

Empire Energy discusses looming gas shortfalls across Australia

27/03/2024 15:35:00

27 Mar 2024 - Empire Energy Limited (ASX:EEG) CEO Alex Underwood discusses the implications of gas shortfalls across Australia and possible sources for new supply.

Mayfield Group - premium supplier of electrical and telecommunications infrastructure

26/03/2024 21:04:00

26 Mar 2024 - Mayfield Group (ASX:MYG) CEO Andrew Rowe provides an overview of the company, discussing its divisions, growth strategy, pipeline of work, dividend policy and outlook.

Encouraging results for Immutep's cancer therapies

25/03/2024 17:02:00

25 Mar 2024 - Immutep Limited (ASX:IMM) CEO and Executive Director Marc Voigt provides an update on the company's pipeline of clinical trials, focusing on results in head and neck cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer.

Sodium nickel chloride - the alternative to lithium batteries

25/03/2024 16:00:00

25 March 2024 - Altech Batteries Limited (ASX:ATC) Managing Director Iggy Tan provides an update on the company, discussing funding pathways and the results of the DFS.