Property Connect Holdings (ASX:PCH) rental auction platform

18/07/2018 10:30:00

18 July 2018 - Property Connect Holdings Limited (ASX:PCH) CEO, Darren Patterson talks about bringing fintech to the property market, starting with the company's LiveOffer rental auction platform, and other platform enhancements including online auctions and strategy.

Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL (ASX:PCL) targeting major gas reserves

16/07/2018 15:00:00

16 Jul 2018 - Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL Limited (ASX:PCL) Executive Director and CEO John Begg provides an update on the company's offshore Namibia Project, PEL 87 and onshore US Tulainyo Gas Project.

Aus Tin Mining (ASX:ANW) sees successful results from Taronga Tin Project, NSW.

16/07/2018 10:00:00

16 Jul 2018 - Aus Tin Mining (ASX:ANW) CEO Peter Williams talks about the successful results from Taronga Tin Project in New South Wales and the importance of ore sorting.

AuStar Gold (ASX:AUL) commences mining at Rose of Denmark Gold Mine, VIC.

12/07/2018 10:00:00

12 Jul 2018 - AuStar Gold (ASX:AUL) CEO, Tom de Vries provides an update on drilling from the Rose of Denmark Mine (RoD) where mining has commenced to extract material for processing and analysis.

DomaCom (ASX:DCL) FY2018 wrap

29/06/2018 11:30:00

29 Jun 2018 - DomaCom Limited (ASX:DCL) CEO, Arthur Naoumidis discusses FY2018 highlights, including securing funding to allow investors to access debt to crowd fund properties.

Medibio (ASX:MEB) objective depression diagnosis and management

29/06/2018 09:45:00

29 Jun 2018 - Medibio Limited (ASX:MEB) Senior Vice President, Corporate Health, Peta Slocombe discusses the company's suite of measurement tools, which use circadian biometrics to objectively screen, diagnose, monitor and manage mental health conditions.

Star Combo Pharma (ASX:S66) FY2018 wrap

29/06/2018 09:30:00

29 Jun 2018 - Star Combo Pharma Limited (ASX:S66) CEO, Su Zhang discusses the company's FY2018 highlights, including growing its branded products, key distribution partners and its successful listing on the ASX.

First Graphene (ASX:FGR) joins Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre at University of Manchester

27/06/2018 11:54:00

27 Jun 2018 - First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR) Non–Executive Chairman, Warwick Grigor discusses joining the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC) at the University of Manchester and the benefits, including access to the most advanced equipment and personnel on a collaborative basis.

Vault Intelligence (ASX:VLT) - OH&S software provider

27/06/2018 11:20:00

27 Jun 2018 - Vault Intelligence Limited (ASX:VLT) Director, Robert Kirtlan discusses the company's health, safety and risk management software, client adoption and strategy.

Novonix (ASX:NVX) lithium-ion battery leader

26/06/2018 09:55:00

26 Jun 2018 - Novonix Limited (ASX:NVX) Managing Director, Philip St Baker talks about the company's lithium-ion battery technology, advanced battery materials, testing equipment and strategy.

Image Resources NL (ASX:IMA) - mineral sands developer

25/06/2018 10:30:00

25 Jun 2018 - Image Resources NL Limited (ASX:IMA) Managing Director, Patrick Mutz talks about the company's Boonanarring mineral sands project, financing, construction and offtake partners.

Carbonxt Group (ASX:CG1) cleaner coal plant solutions

22/06/2018 12:30:00

22 Jun 2018 - Carbonxt Group Limited (ASX:CG1) Managing Director, Warren Murphy talks about the company's activated carbon-based solutions for the removal of mercury to help coal-fired power plants meet MATS compliance, growth plans and strategy.

Centuria Capital Group (ASX:CNI) FY2018 wrap

22/06/2018 09:00:00

22 Jun 2018 - Centuria Capital Group Limited (ASX:CNI) CEO, John McBain talks about a busy year during which Centuria Capital grew its property portfolio, added wholesale partners and increased recurring revenues.

ROBO Global on investing in the fastest-growing companies

19/06/2018 18:30:00

19 Jun 2018 - ROBO Global CEO of EMEA & Asia, Richard Lightbound discusses why robotics and automation are now mainstream, their importance and the opportunities for investing into the fastest-growing companies.

AuStar Gold (ASX:AUL) acquires Rose of Denmark mine

18/06/2018 15:30:00

18 Jun 2018 - AuStar Gold Limited (ASX:AUL) CEO, Tom de Vries talks about plans following 100% acquisition of the Rose of Denmark gold mine and the flow-on operational and financial benefits full control of the project will provide across the company's Eastern Victorian Gold projects.

MGM Wireless (ASX:MWR) maker of all-in-one kid’s phone, GPS, smartwatch

15/06/2018 09:40:00

15 Jun 2018 - MGM Wireless Limited (ASX:MWR) CEO, Mark Fortunatow talks about the company's world-first Spacetalk two-way 3G communication and GPS tracking smartwatch, expansion plans and schools business.

Alcidion Group (ASX:ALC) hospital patient flow systems

15/06/2018 09:15:00

15 Jun 2018 - Alcidion Group Limited (ASX:ALC) CEO and Director, Ray Blight talks about recent acquisitions and how this will deliver scale, international customers and better patient management in hospitals and emergency departments.

BrainChip Holdings (ASX:BRN) FY2018 wrap

14/06/2018 10:20:00

14 Jun 2018 - BrainChip Holdings Limited (ASX:BRN) CEO, Louis DiNardo talks about applications for and interest in the company's BrainChip Studio and BrainChip Accelerator products, the large addressable market opportunity and revenue guidance for 2018 and 2019.

Recce Pharmaceuticals (ASX:RCE) targeting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

14/06/2018 09:55:00

14 Jun 2018 - Recce Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX:RCE) Executive Director, James Graham talks about the company's lead product RECCE 327 for use in targeting antibiotic-resistant bacteria, its US FDA approval pathway and a Phase 1 clinical trial.

1st Group (ASX:1ST) connecting consumers with essential services

13/06/2018 10:03:00

13 Jun 2018 - 1st Group Limited (ASX:1ST) Managing Director, CEO and Co-Founder, Klaus Bartosch talks about the company's portfolio of convenient, secure, booking and online interaction apps covering health, pet care and government services.

Volpara Health Technologies (ASX:VHT) breast screening for early cancer detection using AI

12/06/2018 09:10:00

12 Jun 2018 - Volpara Health Technologies Limited (ASX:VHT) CEO, Dr Ralph Highnam talks about the rollout of the company's software in the US and how it is improving breast cancer screening.

Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU) making video accessible as data

05/06/2018 08:30:00

05 Jun 2018 - Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) Executive Director and CEO, Chris Richardson talks about the company's unique video technology that transforms video files into data, the wide range of applications and integration with cloud providers.

Powerhouse Ventures (ASX:PVL) FY2018 wrap

04/06/2018 14:50:00

04 Jun 2018 - Powerhouse Ventures Limited (ASX:PVL) CEO, Paul Viney talks about FY2018 portfolio successes and significant progress in portfolio company stakeholder alignment.

First Graphene (ASX:FGR) improving a wide range of applications

01/06/2018 09:25:00

31 May 2018 - First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR) Non-Executive Chairman, Warwick Grigor, talks applications from smart concrete, fire retardants, batteries and growing the market for the company's specialist graphene.

Nuheara (ASX:NUH) ships 2nd generation IQbuds

01/06/2018 09:00:00

01 Jun 2018 - Nuheara Limited (ASX:NUH) Co-founder and CEO, Justin Miller, discusses the success of IQbuds, and the launch of the company's second generation IQbuds BOOST for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.