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Neuromorphic computing is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that simulates the functionality of the human neuron. At BrainChip, we have developed a revolutionary spiking neural network (SNN) technology, a type of neuromorphic computing that learns autonomously, evolves and associates information just like the human brain.

BrainChip’s technology has been designed as a one-shot learning system. It recognizes patterns in milliseconds without having to be pre-programmed. It achieves this by learning from information, and then later recognizing what it has learned.

BrainChip’s first use of this technology is BrainChip Studio, which aids law enforcement and intelligence organizations to rapidly search vast amounts of video footage and identify patterns or faces.

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BrainChip, March 2018 Quarter Update

01/05/2018 08:58:00

Announcement of a Development, License and Revenue Sharing Agreement with Gaming Partners International (NASDAQ:GPIC) Announcement of Interoperability with Quantum Corporation (NASDAQ: QTM) StorN…

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