CleanTeQ Holdings (ASX:CLQ) is awarded two water purification contracts

Company News

by Melissa Darmawan

Metals recovery and water treatment company CleanTeQ Holdings (ASX:CLQ) has been awarded two water purification contracts in Australia and in the Middle East.

Under the Australian contract, worth over $2 million, CleanTeQ will upgrade a bore water treatment plant for the Mackay Regional Council at Koumala in Queensland. This will reduce scaling of pipes and improve taste for use in Koumala's potable water supply. 

Under the Middle Eastern contract, CleanTeQ has been engaged by Multotec, the company's sales and delivery partner in Africa, to upgrade a waste water treatment facility in Oman. The upgrade will focus on neutralising contaminants for easier recovery of water for re-use, as well as upgrading the existing ion exchange circuit in order to maximise recovery.

Shares in CleanTeQ Holdings (ASX:CLQ) are trading 4 per cent higher at 26 cents.