Spark New Zealand (ASX:SPK) outlines roll out phases of 5G

Company News

by Ortenzia Borre

Spark New Zealand (ASX:SPK) has outlined the next phases of its progressive roll out of 5G services.

The company will deliver 5G wireless broadband into five more South Island heartland locations prior to Christmas, followed by further heartland communities from March 2020.

A broader range of 5G services, covering both mobile as well as wireless broadband, will launch into major centres from mid 2020, subject to spectrum being made available by the Government.

This builds upon Spark’s announcement in September that it had switched-on the first 5G customer services in New Zealand, with the launch of 5G wireless broadband in Alexandra.

Mark Beder, Spark’s Technology Director said wireless broadband is the first meaningful use-case for 5G in New Zealand and is the focus for the initial phase of Spark’s 5G roll out.

Shares in Spark New Zealand (ASX:SPK) closed 1.21 per cent higher at $4.20.