Rural Funds Group (ASX:RFF) Half Year FY19 Results Presentation

Company Presentations

Rural Funds Group Limited (ASX:RFF) Managing Director David Bryant presents the company's half year FY19 results.


1. Financial results:

  - Property revenue 27% higher due to recent transactions, development capital expenditure and lease indexation.
  - TCI and EPU higher mainly due to additional property revenue and an independent revaluation of the Kerarbury almond orchard.
  - AFFO per unit is forecast to be higher in the second half of FY19 due to additional property revenue from acquisitions and lower expenses.
  - FY19 AFFO and DPU forecasts confirmed.
  - FY20 DPU forecast of 10.85 cents, consistent with 4% annual growth target.
  - Refer to pages 19 to 23 for further information.

2. Capital management

3. Strategy and portfolio update

4. Outlook and conclusion

5. Appendices

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