BHP’s CEO speaks at AGM

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by Kathy Skantzos

CEO of BHP Billiton (ASX:BHP) Andrew Mackenzie announced in the company’s annual general meeting yesterday that its ongoing shale business is not part of its long-term strategy and is actively looking at ways to exit the shale industry.

While the company said it is committed to sustainability, having invested US$73 million in social projects to counter its carbon footprint, the board’s vote on public policy advocacy on climate change and energy was not passed.

The mining giant’s CEO said more women are part of its workforce, making up 20 per cent of the company, a 2.9 per cent increase from last year.

He recognised that over the year the company has seen two fatalities in its mines.

The miner’s total direct economic contribution for FY2017 was US$26.1 billion.

Shares in BHP (ASX:BHP) closed 0.29 per cent lower to $27.27.

Kathy Skantzos

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