Spark New Zealand outgoing Chair’s final message

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by Jessica Amir

NZ telecommunications giant, Spark New Zealand (ASX:SPK) says while its outgoing Chair passes over the baton to Justine Smyth the company is positioning itself for the digital future, with a strong female team. 

Mark Verbiest has been at the helm for 6 years and fairwelled shareholders at his final AGM.

Mark says the business now has A highly talented bench of women including the appointment of Justine Smyth as Chair, coupled with the appointment of two other women, plus other senior management.

Spark New Zealand says it’s in a much better shape than it was five years ago. Despite seeing its revenues drop from FY12 to FY17, its EBITDA remained around the billion dollar mark and its dividends increased by 25 per cent.

Shares in Spark New Zealand (ASX:SPK) closed 0.6 per cent lower yesterday to $3.31.

Jessica Amir

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