AFT Pharmaceuticals’ trial shows positive results in painkiller

Company News

by Kathy Skantzos

AFT Pharmaceuticals (ASX:AFP) has announced results of its clinical trial for its intravenous Maxigesic painkiller.

The study showed that the intravenous paracetamol and ibuprofen mix provides more effective pain relief than paracetamol or ibuprofen on its own.

Conducted in Texas and Maryland in the US, the trial cost NZ$27.5 million – the most expensive study undertaken by AFT Pharmaceuticals.

The painkiller has been developed as an extension to the tablet form of the product and is intended to be used post-surgery in hospitals for patients who cannot take oral medication.

The product is currently licensed in 71 countries across Africa and parts of the Middle East and Europe.

Shares in AFT Pharmaceuticals (ASX:AFP) last traded at $2.25.