Starpharma Holdings (ASX:SPL) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, August 2017, Sydney

Company Presentations

Starpharma Holdings (ASX:SPL) CEO Dr Jackie Fairley discusses the company's recent successful Phase 3 results for its VivaGel® BV for treatment of recurrent bacterial vaginosis, the company’s proprietary dendrimer platform technology, and how the company applies the technology to its DEP® drug delivery programs. Starpharma’s DEP® portfolio includes internal and external programs. The company’s external DEP® programs include working with global bio-pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. Starpharma recently sold its agrochemical business to global agricultural giant Agrium for $35 million. Proceeds from the transaction will help accelerate the company’s high-value pharmaceutical portfolio.


* Unique proprietary polymer (dendrimer) platform
* Deep portfolio of products in large, high-value markets
* Proven track record of commercialisation
* Sold agrochemical business to Agrium for $35 million, x4 book value of $7.5 million
* Well-funded, with cash balance of $61.2 million at 30 June 2017
* Successful Phase 3 results for VivaGel® BV for treatment of bacterial vaginosis, which affects one in three US women
* Benefits of DEP® drug delivery, including improving efficacy of existing drugs and reducing toxicity.