The CEO Sessions

An opportunity for investors and advisers to hear directly from listed company CEOs on company strategy, prospects, and performance.

ASX and FNN are proud to present a program of forums for investors. Hear CEOs and senior representatives of listed companies present their investment story.
Join them afterwards for an informal meet and greet session, with lunch provided.

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15 November 2016

Ian Macoun
Pinnacle Investment Management Group Ltd (ASX:PNI)
Ian Macoun, MD

Pinnacle is a leading Australian-based multi-affiliate investment management firm. Our mission is to establish, grow and support a diverse stable of world-class investment management firms.

Pinnacle currently consists of seven investment affiliates that collectively manage over A$21 billion in assets across a diverse range of asset classes. Pinnacle provides distribution and other support services to its affiliates and a select number of aligned investment managers.

Dr Chris Hart
Oventus Medical Ltd (ASX:BRN)
Dr Chris Hart, Founder

Oventus Medical Ltd. (ASX: OVN) is a medical device sleep apnoea and snoring disorder company. Having established a platform for accelerated growth following the successful $12 million IPO capital raising and is already reporting encouraging early revenue.

Oventus is focused on developing and producing oral appliances to treat obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring, especially in people who cannot be, or are not effectively treated with existing devices or therapies.

Nicholas Andrew
Magontec Ltd (ASX:OEC)
Nicholas Andrew, Executive Chairman

Magontec is a manufacturer and recycler of magnesium alloys with primary production, recycling and sales operations in China, Germany and Romania and distribution activities in the USA, Japan and Taiwan. The company also manufacturers value-add downstream products that are die cast and extruded.

In 2017 Magontec will commence production at the World’s most environmentally friendly magnesium alloy cast house at Golmud in Qinghai Province PRC

Simon Wilkinson
Innate Immunotherapeutics Ltd (ASX:PNR)
Simon Wilkinson, CEO

Innate Immunotherapeutics (ASX:IIL) is a clinical stage biotech company with an exciting technology that targets the human innate immune system. The company is currently conducting a Phase 2B efficacy trial of a drug candidate, MIS416, to treat secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

There are currently no safe and effective treatments for this progressive and highly disabling form of MS. Innate has received strong partnering interest from major Pharma companies and expects that a successful trial result in the first half of next year will quickly translate into a major corporate transaction.


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