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Drillsearch Energy Limited (ASX:DLS) Shale Gas Briefing Presentation

Cooper-Eromanga Basin : A Major Emerging Unconventional Oil & Gas Province

Unconventional in th Cooper Basin - A Road Map

- Snapshot of Drillsearch
- The Cooper Basin ­ An emerging unconventional province
- Drillsearch's unconventional footprint & approach
- Central Cooper Shale Gas Project
- Western Cooper Deep CSG
- Tight Gas
- Commercialisation ­ A changing landscape
- Key messages

Our Cooper Basin Assets

- Largest net exploration permit holder in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin
- 16 permits covering 23,000 km²

Control of own Destiny
- 50% or greater interest in 15 permits
- 12 permits operated by Drillsearch

Existing Production
- 17 oil fields in production
- 10 wet gas discoveries under development

Ready Access to Markets & Infrastructure
- Excellent Infrastructure in place

Huge Unconventional Opportunity
- Multi-TCF (8-17 TCF) unconventional gas potential controlled by Drillsearch
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