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Medical Australia Limited (ASX:MLA) Supply Agreement for Analytica

Sydney, 6 July 2011: Analytica Limited (ASX:ALT) and Medical Australia Limited (ASX:MLA) are pleased to announce that a major clinical trial using Analytica's AutoStart Burette has been successfully completed in Sydney, Australia with Concord Repatriation and General Hospital.
This project is now in the stage of a full hospital roll out and forecast sales revenue based on this hospital’s usage figures alone will be upwards of $500,000 per annum. Concord Repatriation General Hospital is a major hospital in Sydney, Australia offering a comprehensive range of specialty and sub-specialty services, many recognised nationally and internationally as centres of excellence. It is a teaching hospital of Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney. Concord is the first teaching hospital to receive back to back 5 year Accreditation Awards, as well as three consecutive 3 year Accreditation Awards from the Post Graduate Medical Council of NSW, for the exemplary training of postgraduate doctors.
Analytica is also pleased to announce that Medical Australia is also incorporating Analytica's flushing feature into their range of Tuta burettes, and this feature is gaining serious attention from major global medical device suppliers.
The AutoStart Burette infusion set automatically restarts the delivery of intravenous fluid once the burette has dispensed its predetermined amount of liquid or drug. Automatic restart of the IV fluid, once the drug is dispensed can provide enormous savings in nursing time during and following a medication event, and substantially reduces clinical risks. The Analytica patented flushing system allows the needle-less injection port and the medication delivery syringe to be flushed with saline from the IV bag, without the need for additional flushing syringes or ampoules delivering substantial cost savings and infection control.
Analytica’s CEO Dr Michael Monsour said that this uptake hospital wide recognises the fact that the Auto Burette adopted by Concord is based purely on increased clinical efficiencies and patient safety and is now recognized as a safer more cost effective replacement for the currently used standard burettes. Concord Hospital also represents an excellent reference site for the ongoing commercialisation of this technology.
The AutoStart Burette is now expected to be rolled out to other major hospitals Australia wide. “We have been working closely in partnership with Medical Australia for some time, and we are delighted now to see the fruits of our labour. Both the contract with the NSW Ambulance service and the recent successful completion of this major hospital trial and the resulting roll out are significant milestones for both Medical Australia and Analytica. Having the AutoStart Burette in use by the world respected Concord Hospital provides excellent credibility of the device to clinicians. We are looking forward to gaining further market share as exposure for our unique product offering expands” said Doctor Monsour.
Analytica estimates that the AutoStart feature can save up to 20 minutes of nursing time, per patient, per day. When these savings are combined with the cost savings of the AutoFlush Feature, these technologies are well-placed to take a significant share of the global multi-billion dollar burette market.
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