The Food Revolution Group (ASX:FOD) delivers first hand sanitiser

Company News

by Rachael Jones

The Food Revolution Group (ASX:FOD) has delivered its first batch of hand sanitiser to the market this week.

The product is in high demand due to the global outbreak of Coronavirus.

They prioritised delivery of hand sanitiser products to hospitals, school colleges and pharmacies -they have received strong demand from the major supermarket chains.

Deliveries to these retailers is being scheduled for later this month. Currently, these orders exceed $2.4 million.

The ethanol-based Sanicare product is a powerful disinfectant for use on counters, toilets, office and reception desks, railings or even laptops or mobile phones.

Shares in the Food Revolution Group (ASX:FOD) are trading 3.95 per cent higher at 8 cents.