Jervois Mining Limited has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange for 44 years. It was first listed on the Adelaide Stock Exchange, which remains its 'home' exchange at this time. Jervois was originally formed in 1963 to mine and produce copper from the Jervois Ranges in the Northern Territory. For the next 14 years the Company was successful in its mining and petroleum interests. Since 1987 the Company have acquired a suite of mineral leases, with tenements around Australia. These leases range from good to excellent in terms of economic potential.

Jervois Mining Limited’s major assets are both in New South Wales. The first is the high grade scandium deposit near Nyngan. Significant world-wide interest in uses and related applications for scandium (including fuel cells) make the development of the mining operation at Nyngan an enterprise which should be realised within the next three years.

The other major asset is a nickel/cobalt/ iron laterite near Young in New South Wales. This resource contains 167 million tonnes at 0.72% nickel and 0.07% cobalt (0.6% Ni cut-off). Innovative metallurgical test work is in progress and Jervois will continue endeavouring to unlock the potential value.

Jervois Mining Limited currently produces gold from its mining tenement at Bullabulling, near Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. This activity is expected to be viable for some years. The identified gold resource at Bullabulling is 400,000 oz, which, at present market values of $1,200oz (Jan 2009), values this deposit at $480m (in ground). Profits from the sale of gold on the resource will assist in funding research in Jervois’ NSW ventures.

In addition, Jervois has joint venture agreements with Newcrest Operations Ltd. at Forest Reefs, NSW (gold), and with New Age Explorations in Western Australia for uranium.

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