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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Event type: online live streaming
Duration: 5 companies x 15 mins presentations
Start Time: 12.30 pm (Sydney, GMT+10:00)
Free for investors, brokers and fund managers

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Market Update 

Event Partner

Martin Crabb | 
Chief Investment Officer, Shaw and Partners Limited

Covering the current state of equity markets, COVID-19 outlook and portfolio positioning (5mins).

Presenting Companies

Tim Hargreaves (CEO), Shriro Holdings (ASX:SHM)

Shriro Holdings is an extensive range of products under company-owned brands (including Omega, Robinhood, Everdure and Omega Altise), and third-party brands (such as Casio, Blanco and Pioneer) in Australia and New Zealand. Shriro employs approximately 265 FTE employees, including around 100 sales and marketing staff in Australia and New Zealand. Shriro also has an additional 8 team members based in China, focusing on product sourcing, quality control and procurement.

The Group has five company-operated distribution centres and two third-party logistic (3PL) distribution centres. Shriro also has over 1,000 in-store displays in Retailer stores across Australia. The Group’s head office and main showroom are located in Kingsgrove, New South Wales.

Paul Niardone (Managing Director), The Agency Group Australia (ASX:AU1)

The Agency Group Australia is one of Australia's fastest-growing integrated real estate services companies.

  • In over 2 years since listing on the ASX, the company has established a national presence across key metropolitan markets in Australia led by an industry-leading management team
  • The Agency Group today has built a fully serviced real estate firm creating an organisation designed to scale
  • The Company dual property sales business model, offering both premium full service and independent brand offering underpins its strategy to reach leadership across Australia in terms of agent market share
  • Integrated services, from property sales, property management and ancillary services provides the company with cross-sell opportunities, capturing revenue across the value chain
  • The traditional landscape of the real estate agency offering in the current economic environment provides great opportunities for The Agency Group to bring further consolidation to the industry.

Arthur Naoumidis (CEO), DomaCom (ASX:DCL)

DomaCom Australia is an innovative new fractional investment platform. From as little as $2,500 you can invest in any property - residential, rural or commercial - anywhere in Australia with your friends, family or other investors.

Using the latest technology and equity (share) market concepts such as Separately Managed Accounts and Multi-level Managed Investment Schemes, the DomaCom platform will enable investors to get into the property market in a similar manner to investing in public companies.

The DomaCom Fund is a managed investment fund. It enables investors to select which properties they would like exposure to. Via a crowdfunding campaign, investors can commit towards the eventual purchase of the property. They can do this together with other like-minded investors. When a campaign is complete, DomaCom purchases the property. DomaCom then places it in a sub-fund and issues the investors with units in proportion to the amount they invested.

Robert Bruce (Head of Research & Portfolio Manager), Acorn Capital Investment Fund (ASX:ACQ)

Acorn Capital Investment Fund is a listed investment company that invests in a diverse portfolio of emerging Australian companies. Through ACQ, investors can support and gain exposure to the innovation and growth characteristics of these emerging Australian businesses.

ACQ invests in Emerging Companies (or Microcaps) which are defined as those with an equity valuation that is below that of the 250th largest ASX company. Such companies may be either ASX-listed or unlisted and Australian incorporated (or have an Australian nexus).

Chris Gale (Executive Director), Latin Resources (ASX:LRS)

Latin Resources is a mineral exploration company focused on creating shareholder wealth through the identification and definition of mineral resources in Latin America and Australia.

The Australian projects include the Yarara gold project in the NSW Lachlan Fold belt, Noombenberry Halloysite Project near Merredin, WA, and the Big Grey Project in the Paterson region, WA. The company is also actively progressing its Copper Porphyry MT03 project in the Ilo region with its joint venture partner First Quantum Minerals Ltd. The Company recently signed a JV agreement with the Argentinian company Integra Capital to fund the next phase of exploration on its lithium pegmatite projects in Catamarca, Argentina.


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