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Based in Greenwich Connecticut, Altrinsic Global Advisers is a high conviction, fundamental value orientated global equity manager specialising in company research and identifying opportunities across the full market-cap spectrum in both developed and emerging markets.

The Altrinsic Global Equities Trust employs this approach in its aim to deliver long term capital growth, and to outperform the benchmark over rolling five year periods before fees and taxes.

The senior management team consists of

John Hock, CFA, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC.
John is a portfolio manager and analyst with primary research responsibility for the financial sector. Prior to founding Altrinsic, John was Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, and member of the Investment Strategy Committee at Hansberger Global Investors.

John DeVita, CFA, CPA
John is a principal and portfolio manager and analyst with primary research responsibility for the global consumer and telecommunications industries. Prior to joining Altrinsic, he spent 10 years at Société Générale Asset Management, where he was responsible for international securities analysis, trading and operations in the equity, fixed income and foreign currency markets.


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Altrinsic is a high-conviction, fundamental, value-oriented global equity manager. It searches developed and emerging markets to uncover companies with unrealised value. Altrinsic only pursues an investment after in-depth, bottom-up, fundamental research with a focus on longterm drivers of intrinsic value.

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Latest Videos

16 Oct 2017

Value investing style to benefit from normalisation of rates

16 Oct 2017 - Altrinsic Global Advisers, Portfolio Specialist, Simon Blanchflower discusses value investing over the last 10 years, why it can be expected to perform better in a rising interest rate environment and the importance of stocks with little to no correlation risk.

10 Oct 2017

Automation and its implications

10 Oct 2017 - Altrinsic Global Advisers Portfolio Specialist, Simon Blanchflower, discusses the impact of big data on the automation of tasks, what this could mean for labour and industries expected to benefit.

21 Apr 2017

Value investing style puts focus on Japan

01 May 2017 - Altrinsic Global Advisers, Portfolio Specialist, Simon Blanchflower and MLC Global Equities Portfolio Manager, Myooran Mahaligam, discuss the value investing style, opportunities in Japan and why Nestle S.A. (VTX:NESN) is a favoured pick on the fund.

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