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Zeus Resources Ltd, Speech by Mr Lu at the ASX Ceremony 19 February 2013

Good morning ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to be with you all this morning for the Zeus Resources ceremony. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the officers of the ASX (the Australian Securities Exchange) that are here today and thank them for their professionalism in working with Zeus’s management and legal team in getting Zeus listed on the ASX last month. I’d also like to acknowledge the presence of Mr Zhang Yong of Vast Honour Ltd who has been fundamental in bringing CMGB through its subsidiary ZIMC into the Australian market. I would also like to acknowledge the Board of Zeus especially the Chairman Dr Etheridge and the CEO Renzie Duncan.

In my delegation, let me introduce you to Mr Ding, the CEO of ZIMC and Mr Zhao who will be coming to live in Sydney and work with Zeus. Both of my colleagues have worked with the Zeus management team and the relationship will only strengthen when they are  appointed to the board in a few day’s time.
I would like to say a few words about CMGB and how I see our investment in Zeus moving forward. CMGB is one of China's leading mining companies with a unique cutting edge in geological exploration. With 60 years dedicated work, CMGB currently governs 12 subordinate bureaus, institutions and centres, 6 holding companies and more than 100 entities.We have more than 15000 employees, among which over 7000 are  technical personnel of various aspects. ZIMC is one of our subordinate companies with the mandate to invest in domestic and foreign mining markets. The  investment made by CMGB in Zeus is only a first step. Bigger steps will follow. In China we have an expression that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

CMGB has a clear vision for Zeus. We plan on Zeus becoming a major multi-commodity mining house in Australia. We are currently examining a number of proposals to acquire large proven deposits here in Australia and move from a purely exploration company  to a world class producer. Zeus will be supported by CMGB and its  brilliant partners both China and worldwide in terms of  capital, technology,  and competent professionals in its rise to become a major mining house. Whilst it is early days, I believe we are today witnessing the rise of a new growing and vital Australian mining house forged by China and Australia.

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