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UCL Resources Ltd, Second Supplementary Target’s Statement

In response to the Offer by Mawarid Mining LLC (Mawarid) to acquire all of your ordinary Shares in UCL Resources Limited ACN 002 118 872 (UCL)

1 Introduction

This document (Second Supplementary Target’s Statement) is a supplementary target’s statement under section 644 of the Corporations Act in relation to the on-market Offer by Mawarid for all of the ordinary Shares it does not already own in UCL.

This document supplements and is to be read together with the Target’s Statement dated 1 May 2013 (Original Target’s Statement) and the First Supplementary Target’s Statement dated 3 May 2013 (First Supplementary Target’s Statement).

Unless the context requires otherwise, the defined terms in the Original Target’s Statement have the same meaning in this Supplementary Target’s Statement.

A copy of this Second Supplementary Target’s Statement was lodged with ASIC on 20 May 2013. Neither ASIC nor any of its officers takes any responsibility for the contents of this Supplementary Target’s Statement.

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