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Spookfish Announces Three New Industry Leaders to Evaluate Technology

-  Three more leading users of geospatial imagery have entered into pre-contract evaluation agreements with Spookfish as a precursor to entering into commercial arrangements
-  These evaluation customers span three national industries that use geospatial imagery extensively to improve productivity including solar panel installation, civil construction and urban civil engineering
-  Spookfish technology will provide participants in these industries with current, cost effective, very high resolution, 2D and 3D imagery over urban areas nationally with an equivalent service available for their regional operations, all supplied by one service provider
-  The ability of the Spookfish technology to quickly and reliably capture very high resolution imagery of cities regularly and without normal airspace congestion interruptions is particularly important for these industry participants
-  Spookfish technology is enormously productive and can capture very high resolution imagery of even the largest urban areas in just a matter of hours ensuring a reliable and current service to urban users of high quality imagery
-  Spookfish now has evaluation agreements with major participants in core geospatial data markets including travel, military, insurance, utilities and infrastructure, solar, construction and civil engineering with discussions on going with other potential customers and strategic partners.
Spookfish Limited (ASX:SFI) (“Spookfish” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that three more leading users of geospatial imagery have entered into evaluation agreements with Spookfish to enable them to review the Company’s technology and evaluate the merits of entering into commercial agreements.
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