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BD1: Bard1 and Sienna Cancer Diagnostics announce merger


  • BARD1 Life Sciences Ltd (BARD1) and Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd (Sienna) agreeto merge.
  • Values each Sienna share at $0.061(68% premium to Sienna’s 3 month VWAP of$0.036).
  • Transformational transaction combining two complementary cancer diagnosticbusinesses positioning the merged company to consolidate the Australian cancerdiagnostics market.
  • The merged entity will have a strong balance sheet, an expanded portfolio of cancerdiagnostic technologies and a broader management team to help bring theseproducts to market.
  • Merged company will focus on delivering innovative cancer diagnostics to addressunmet needs in early cancer detection to help save patients’ lives and increaseshareholder value.

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