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Rongtai International Group Holdings Limited Replacement Prospectus

Dear Investors,
On behalf of the Directors of Rongtai International I have great pleasure in presenting this Prospectus and inviting you to subscribe for new Shares. We are a leading iron and steel trading company in China. We provide a service to our customers enabling them to satisfy all their needs through one company, one source and one contact.
The Company’s operations:
1. source and purchase raw materials, semi processed and finished steel products from within China
and overseas;
2. manage all logistical requirements by ship, rail and road;
3. warehouse the products at our facilities;
4. manage any and all processing requirements; and
5. manage logistics and delivery of the final product to our customer. The entire process is achieved via our ecommerce trading platform. Leveraging on our long accumulated experience and established reputation we commenced operating and managing the ecommerce steel and raw materials trading platform in 2008.
We have 51% ownership of Fuzhou China United Steel Commerce Co. Ltd that operates the ecommerce trading platform. The balance is owned by 15 large Chinese steel companies. This is one of the largest steel trading platforms in China having 230,000 members and provides customers an efficient, easy and convenient method of purchasing commodities.
The integration of traditional logistic services with the online trading platform provides an opportunity for customers, through the click of a mouse, to fulfil all their needs. Our future growth is supported by the policies introduced by the Chinese Government. We aim to become the largest modern integrated steel trading business in China.

The Australian resources industry is highly regarded throughout the world. We have chosen to list on the Australian Securities Exchange because we recognise that our long term strategy for growth must be underpinned by strengthening our relationships within the Australian resources industry. As an Australian publicly listed company we will be recognised in China by our customers and suppliers as more transparent and efficient and with better access to Australian raw materials than our competitors.
We commend the Offer to you and look forward to welcoming you to this exciting growth opportunity.
Yours sincerely
Mr Lin Jie
Executive Chairman and Managing Director
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