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Rongtai International Group Holdings Limited Corporate Brochure

Invest in the fast-growing Chinese economy linking with Australia

Investment highlights

• An expanding, profitable iron and steel trader, with a logistics capability, based in Fujian Province, China that offers an exposure to the fast growing Chinese economy.
• Both turnover and profit are increasing with 2 new revenue streams from on-line trading:

  • Fees per transaction; and
  • Membership fees of our online trading platform becoming a requirement the current financial year.

• Expansion of the existing successful business model into other markets for example Shanghai and Tianjin and liberated trade with Taiwan.
• Expansion of Kemen and Luneng port capacities leading to increased income from Australian trade and warehousing.
• Business model is proven, modern and the way of the future.
• Custeel on-line trading platform associated with 15 large steel enterprises in China.
• Government support for modernization of logistics supply chain and for the economic zone in which primary business operates.
• Strong dividend policy.
• Already attracted RMB 63.8 million ($10.6 million) in private equity in China to aid expansion plans.

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