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QEM Announce Successful preliminary Stage 2 test results for oil extraction and recovery

  • QEM has received successful results using Petroteq Energy Inc’s technology, from Stage 2 test work carried out on the previous drill core sample.
  • The test work undertaken by independent lab PRI Asphalt Technologies Inc, provided strong results, with total oil recovery up to 65% of the contained oil, from Julia Creek Project samples.
  • With further optimisation by Petroteq, QEM is confident that recovery can be further increased.
  • The residual material of approximately 20% of original mass (after oil recovery) was separated as a result of the Petroteq process, and this residual material contains the metals.
  • The V205 is contained in the residual material only, as verified by PRI’s laboratory analysis.
  • These results warrant a bulk sample test in order to produce sufficient oil and V205 required to carry out API (petrology analysis) testing of the oil, and V205 extraction.
  • The bulk sample testing will provide a result that is a better representation for the beneficiation of the V205.
For further information please download the attached PDF: Download this document