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Plukka Limited announces Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report

Commentary on Results (Appendix 4E Item 14) & Significant Features of Operating Performance (Appendix 4E Item 14.3)

On 4 December 2015, Plukka Limited (“Plukka”) (formerly Continuation Investments Limited), the legal parent and legal acquirer, completed the acquisition of Treasure Castle Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (“TCH”). The acquisition did not meet the definition of a business combination in accordance with AASB 3 Business Combinations. Instead the acquisition has been treated as a group recapitalisation, using the principles of reverse acquisition accounting in AASB 3 Business Combinations given the substance of the transaction is that TCH has effectively been recapitalised. Accordingly, the consolidated financial statements have been prepared as if TCH had acquired Plukka, and not versa as represented by the legal position. The recapitalisation is measured at the fair value of the equity instruments that would have been given by TCH to have exactly the same percentage holding in the new structure at the date of the transaction. Accordingly, the statement of comprehensive income reflects the twelve months of trading of TCH and the trading of Plukka (the parent company and legal acquirer of TCH from 4th December 2015.

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