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Phylogica, Appendix 4E, Preliminary Final Report - Year Ended 30 June 2018


The principal activity of the Company during the financial year was research and development. Phylogica owns a delivery platform that enables drug cargoes to reach targets on the inside of cells. The majority of high value drug targets exist inside cells behind the protection offered by the cell membrane. These targets form part of what is known as the ‘undruggable genome’ because of the difficulty associated with reaching them.

Phylogica’s delivery platform is made up of Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs) that are capable of crossing the cell membrane and delivering a drug cargo to its target inside the cell. Reaching these ‘undruggable’ targets opens up the possibility of developing an entirely new class of drugs with both greater effect in treating disease and fewer side effects. Sarepta Therapeutics is a pioneer in this field and is currently progressing a pipeline of CPP delivered drugs through both pre-clinical and clinical evaluation – the revolution has begun.

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