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Phylogica Announces Achievement of Major Milestone - Successful In Vivo Cre Delivery

PYC is pleased to announce the successful achievement of a major technical milestone in the validation of its intracellular drug delivery platform.


- PYC has successfully delivered the Cre enzyme (cargo) in vivo into the nucleus of cells across multiple types of tissue (lung, liver and kidney) using our ‘original’ lead Cell Penetrating Peptide (CPP) (called ‘CPP1’);

- Our ‘current’ lead CPP (‘CPP2’) which is approximately twice as effective as CPP1 in vitro will soon be tested in the same animal model1; and

- Delivery of the Cre cargo in vivo represented the most significant technical challenge of the ‘proof of concept’ cargoes set in the strategic review in 2017 - the intracellular delivery platform has now been validated extensively in vivo and PYC has progressed to the therapeutic application of its technology (the development of new CPP-delivered drugs) and the progression of these candidates into the clinic.

For further information please download PDF attached:
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