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Phylogica, Operational Update - March Quarter

PERTH, Australia, 30 April 2018: Phylogica Limited (ASX:PYC) (Phylogica or the Company), developer of a leading intracellular drug delivery platform technology, is pleased to update shareholders on progress made during the March quarter.

Highlights include:

- Changes to the Board and Management team through the appointment of Alan Tribe as Chairperson and Dr Rohan Hockings as Chief Executive Officer to accelerate development of Phylogica’s Functional Penetrating Peptide (FPP) delivery platform.

- Appointment of new Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) member, Professor Shosei Koide alongside Professor Judy Lieberman and Dr Stephen Doberstein.

- Increasing the biodiversity of Phylogica’s proprietary library to enhance current FPP discovery and screening programs.

- The identification of novel FPPs and validation of these in vitro, notably with the successful delivery of new proof of concept cargos including:

Cre recombinase enzyme into kidney cells in vitro,

Temporin A, an antimicrobial peptide which has shown improved antibacterial activity of the resulting Phylomer fusion (conducted via Genentech partnership).

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