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Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd (ASX:PHK) Recent Phoslock Applications

Recent Phoslock Applications
Work started last week on the application of 150 tons of Phoslock to a lake in northern Germany (photo in ASX announcement). The application is expected to be finished later this week. This is the 27th application of Phoslock to a lake in Europeand United Kingdom over the last 4 years.
United States
Phoslock was recently applied to a 5 hectare lake in Southern California, United States. This was PWS's first application in the USA. The application is being closely monitored by a number of regulatory agencies and initial results are very encouraging. Two additional lakes in Orange County have been identified for Phoslock applications within the next 3 weeks. The applications are being conducted by AquaTechnex, our licensee in this region of the United States. A press release on this application is contained on page 3 of the ASX announcement.
A 2 kilometre portion of the Holland River in Ontario, Canada is scheduled to be applied in early December before the river ices over. The timing of the application is to permit the maximum adsorption and removal of phosphorus from the environment. Holland River which flows into Lake Simcoe has been identified as one the major remaining sources of phosphorus. Phosphorus control is a major strategy of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA). LSRCA won the prestigious Thiess River Prize in 2009 for its work on the management of the lake catchment and also for its innovative use of Phoslock.
Staged Phoslock applications to the outer canal of the Holland Marsh are continuing, subject to construction progress. This is 12-18 months project where Phoslock is being used in a newly constructed canal.
Several smaller applications have recently been completed in Australia to waste water ponds and storm water systems.
A number of smaller sales have been made to Aquaculture customers over the last few months, with a number of other aquaculture companies, both in Australia and internationally, looking at the suitable of Phoslock in their aquaculture ponds.
Planning is underway to apply Phoslock to a portion of a large lake in China in January, and if successful, apply up to 500 tons of Phoslock to the whole lake in May/June 2011. 
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