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Mobilarm Entitlements Issue, Company Presentation

- Mobilarm is the world’s leading brand and innovator in man overboard safety technology that protects professionals working offshore 
- Company is focused on well-defined segments worldwide in offshore energy, defence and commercial marine markets 
- Value proposition based on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risk mitigation with growing international regulatory driven purchase decisions 
- Addressable man overboard market exceeds $600M p.a. 
- Exceptional depth across the executive management team 
- World class manufacturing partner, leading IT infrastructure and processes all delivering international scale capabilities 
- Product validation confirmed by US Navy, BHP Billiton/Bristow Helicopters, Apache Energy, Transocean etc. with key contracts secure 
- The Company is raising $3.2M through a 1:2.55 Entitlements Issue to fund the strategic acquisition of Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT) 
- The acquisition of MRT positions Mobilarm as the world’s largest and dominant provider of man overboard (“MOB”) solutions 
- MRT, better known for its product brand Sea Marshall, is the largest supplier of MOB technology in Europe 
- MRT brings established international distribution channels, a blue chip customer installed base 
- Based on historical earnings, the acquisition of MRT is expected to contribute ~$800,000 EBITDA to Mobilarm Limited, excluding identified integration synergies 
–MRT acquisition cost of ~£1.795M based on four year average and final 2011 EBITDA 
–Costs include a 3.5 x EBITDA + 1.5 x EBITDA in two year earn out 
–Two year earn out based on achievement of revenue targets, paid in ordinary shares 
- MRT incrementally adds to Mobilarm’s organic growth and profitability 
- Improves unit manufacturing volumes, increases scale lowers cost 
- MRT is the major supplier to the Spanish fishing fleet with over 38,000 beacons installed, which require replacement over the next 24 months 
–Man overboard beacons for fishing are mandatory in Spain 
- MRT is the sole supplier to the UK offshore Oil & Gas industry with over 5,000 beacons in use daily for helicopter transfers 
–The UK Oil & Gas Regulator mandated man overboard locator beacons for offshore helicopter transfers 
-MRT has an extensive array of complementary patents related to man overboard technologies 

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