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Metal Storm Limited (ASX: MST) Contract with Public Works and Government Services Canada

New Contract with Public Works and Government Services Canada

Metal Storm Limited today announced that Metal Storm, Inc. received a Contract from Public Works and Government Services Canada in the amount of USD$63,286. The contract is for the purchase of Metal Storm's 3GLTM modular grenade launcher, multiple munitions for the 3GLTM and Metal Storm's MAULTM (Multi-shot Accessory Under-barrel Launcher) for testing purposes. The Metal Storm 3GLTM is a lightweight, semi-automatic 3 shot 40mm grenade launcher designed for military and Special Forces operators. At just a fraction of the weight, length and profile of any other 40mm semi-automatic grenade launcher, the 3GLTM can be used as a compact stand-alone weapon or can be mounted under the barrel of an operator's primary assault rifle.

The Metal Storm MAULTM is an ultra-lightweight (1.8 lbs.) 12-gauge launcher that provides lethal, less- lethal and door breaching capabilities for military and law enforcement operators. The MAULTM provides 5 shot semi-automatic capabilities with the ability to reload 5 rounds in 2 to 3 seconds providing extended flexibility for escalation of force or force continuum for military and law enforcement, respectively.
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