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Metal Storm Limited (ASX:MST) Metal Storm Listed Option Expiry

Metal Storm Listed Option Expiry

Metal Storm Limited's quoted options (MSTO) expire at 5 pm AEST today. There are currently 27,856,846 quoted options on issue.

The quoted options were issued under a prospectus in May 2010 following the expiry of the options that were originally issued with the Company's convertible notes on 1 September 2006.

Following the approval by Noteholders and Shareholders to the six month extension to the maturity date of the convertible notes earlier this week, the Company intends to offer new options to those persons who hold quoted options immediately before their expiry. The Company will initiate that
process over the coming months.

While the terms of the new options (including the expiry date) have not yet been finalised, at this stage the new options are expected to be offered on comparable terms to the quoted options. The Company will provide further information on the proposed offer of new options in due course.
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