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Melbana Energy - Alameda-1 Drilling Update


* Oil continued to flow into the well bore in the Marti structure, interrupting plans to conduct short form tests in this highly pressured oil interval
* Marti structure clearly has moveable oil in a highly energised environment and therefore warrants a longer and more comprehensive testing program than can be delivered by the short form test contemplated by the side track approach
* Forward work plan is to isolate the Marti structure then conduct tests in the (immediately higher) Alameda structure. The drilling rig will then relocate and commence drilling Zapato-1, the second well in this exploration program
* Planning for a more thorough test of the Marti structure will proceed with existing preparations for a possible appraisal well into the Amistad (shallowest) structure at Alameda-1 following the completion of Zapato-1

Melbana Energy’s Executive Chairman, Andrew Purcell, commented: “The Marti structure is clearly the most exciting part of the first well and we now want to do a more conventional and extended testing program there. The highly pressured oil that continues to enter our well bore, despite the maximally weighted mud column we have put on top of it, speaks volumes about the potential of this structure. This strongly influences our thinking about the sequencing of the forward work program so I look forward to being back with the team in Cuba the week after next to review operations and the relative priorities of our various work streams following the completion of the Zapato-1 well (which we are all looking forward to commencing, too).” 

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